Incorporation Company Netherlands

Investment in the Netherlands may be interesting. In particular because of a broad range of tax facilities for investors. A good legal system and affordable lawyers. Please ask Dutch business lawyer Mark van Weeren how to organize your investment in a vehicle in the Netherlands.
Business incorporation Netherlands

Setting up a Dutch Company

There are two types of legal entities in the Netherlands. First, there are legal entities which do not involve a corporate body. In that case the entire personal assets are liable for obligations and debts.

■ sole proprietorship (eenmanszaak in Dutch)

■ partnership (firm) (vennootschap onder firma in Dutch)

■ limited partnership (commanditaire vennootschap in Dutch)

■ partnership (maatschap in Dutch)

Dutch companies with corporate protection

Secondly, there are legal entities which do involve a corporate body. The participants are liable for the amounts invested. A legal entity has independent rights and obligations.

■ private limited liability company (BV or besloten vennootschap in Dutch)

■ public limited liability company (NV or naamloze vennootschap in Dutch)

■ association (vereniging in Dutch)

■ foundation (stichting in Dutch)

Investment netherlands attorney corporate lawyer

Advantages of doing business in the Netherlands

In contrast to other countries within the EU, non-Dutch businesses and individuals in the Netherlands are not subject to special conditions or restrictions when it comes to setting up a new enterprise. The entrepreneur can decide what form of legal entity is most appropriate for the enterprise. However, if you want your company to benefit from limited liability risks and attractive tax terms, it is advisable to choose the legal status of the Dutch private limited liability company or Dutch public limited liability company. A Dutch Notary can incorporate a company quickly.

Dutch company with limited liability

Private limited liability companies are popular with foreign investors for accommodating activities in and outside the Netherlands. As a stimulus measure for the Dutch business sector, the maximum corporate tax rate in the Netherlands was recently reduced to 25%. The Dutch Tax is very competitive by European standards. Special rules apply to companies that form a tax group and to companies that own more than 5% of another company.

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